Einsenflechter und Zweite Heimat

After hard and beautiful work of Judith Ramsauer, we finished today the two short documentaries “Eisenflechter” (Weaving Steel) and “Zweite Heimat” (Another Home). Both set at the construction site Barerstrasse/Gabelsbergerstrasse in Munich, they are part of the project “2010”.

Eisenflechter – takes in strong black and white imaginary step on  a visual style inspired by films like “Power and the Land” and “Spanish Earth” by Joris Ivens.

Zweite Heimat – is focusing on the Romanian and Turkish construction workers lives. Not a social drama but still featuring the gap between living and working in a country for more than 10 years, but not being part of it. “Work up” “Work – finish” “Wife – turkey, children: six, four” often the only words those strong and proud men know.


2 thoughts on “Einsenflechter und Zweite Heimat

  1. Der Eisenflechter ist ein schöner Film, wenn auch nur in schwarz/weiß. Er hat eine vorbildliche Kameraführung. So etwas würde man gerne öfter sehen. Weiter so!

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