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"In Mannheim, da war es sehr schoen." Usually I am mainly involved in shooting a film…but lately it seems to be somehow my faith and some fashion to make things entirely myself. Today I watched the first draft of the cut of a documentary I shot in Israel. A while ago I won some grant. This grant gave me money from the German government to make this film.. It is about me and my search for the Jewish owners of some of my childhood toys. My grandparents had bought those items from a family leaving Mannheim in 1936. Those people were customers at my Grandmas market stalls every Saturday…so I don’t know much, apart from that this people can not have been very religious and that the daughter who played with the toys before I did still might be alive. My Grandmother had only two boys. Still did she – being the stingy woman she was this is quite surprising – not sell any of those things. Steffen Rapp made the most beautiful piece of my footage in editing…can’t wait till it is finally done!

Working mainly as cinematographer, you can read about me making “Toy China” here.


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