Dreirad Gevierteilt – Flea Markets, Einsenflechter and Three Legged Dogs

Only today I saw one of the most beautiful creations in my works of language invention I ever did:

The Einsenflechter.

For the 5 billion 920 million of you on this planet who do not understand  the beautiful language of the Germaniacs:

Einsen are several ones, several ones of the cipher one. So…an Einsen-Flechter would be the person weaving or braiding those numbers in to something…imagine how lovely this would be! … A little boy sitting at school, taking all this awkward numbers up from his exercise book, lifting them, some bend, others get tangled up … and than he starts braiding … making this long long rope from ones … to … climb out the window??

Einsenflechter, we love you! You are our hero!!

The long rope than he sells the Saturday after at the flea market. I’ve been there today and watched out for him. He was not there. Maybe still busy trying to braid the twos as well or to catch the three legged dog in the school yard …

I bought a pocket warmer and a vintage scarf for 50 Eurocents each. – So winter! Hey, you!! Look at me, I am prepared! Bring it on!


3 thoughts on “Dreirad Gevierteilt – Flea Markets, Einsenflechter and Three Legged Dogs

  1. It’s small pads with liquid and crystals. In the middle, there is a metal plate, tiny and little. when you click the plate, the Pocket warmer gets hot – and hardens.
    After it became a cold hard lump, you put it in boiling water, watch it liquefy and start the circle from the beginning.
    there are older versions like the coal pocket warmer, beautiful silver pocket-size boxes where you can put glowing coal inside … sure there are many others.
    In cold countries we got to use them to not loose to many fingers each winter whilst working or touching tripods…we got only 10 fingers here in the northern Hemisphere 🙂

  2. I’ve seen them, they look like carrots (the fingers there) but not as orange or as sweet. Here in the French-speaking South we mostly have about 13 fingers but no need to warm them like this, we’ve got pouches in our fronts to keep them in. In Brunswick, when we get hungry, we eat our own fingers, if we can’t afford other food.

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