1, 2, 3

“All you need for a good movie is a girl and a gun.” – Jean-Luc Godard.

My graduation film is finally finished. Thanks to Siobhan Jackson who created and directed “1, 2, 3”.  Nick Batterham composed some beautiful music, just what you need for a Silent Western Movie.

Earlier, we had a few things to read in the film: “A place so empty, that even love had trouble finding its way.” Things happened there wonderful and strange, so strange a boy once said, that you can see “An airplane flap its wings“. And than there is Jim, with his new wife. I am sure, my quotes are not precise, but they are what my heart remembers.

Now, I love what I see. Not one word spoken. Not one word said or written. And still the silence, loneliness and emptiness grabs you, sucking you up in its abyss…something terrible has happened, you feel. I feel. And I lean back in the cinema happy, that I am here, not there, but still longing to hold on to the shown but lost beauty of this place. Strange most films I love are about memories you can not hold, but see running through your fingers like water.


8 thoughts on “1, 2, 3

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  2. Congratulations! I have watched a TV series here in the States on the IFC channel or Sundance channel called “Film School” and it showed what students have to go through to get their film made. The wonder of creativity as well as the exhaustion of it. I do hope, as does y3lsky, that you’ll be able to post some or all of it!

  3. I will post some here for sure…when it is properly done. y3lsky, you gave me a great lead with vimeo, tests are looking good…so once my online is done and all that…I will see you back here!

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