Mocking Bird

On my way to the editing suit today, I saw a bird on the street. It looked like a mocking bird. It’s head had freshly been cut of. We don’t do All Hallows Eve in Germany.

A strange encounter in the middle of this foggy darkish time of the year.


4 thoughts on “Mocking Bird

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  2. I am not quite sure, what the Blogger etiquette is in how to reply to your female dead finch (Fink, it is, I believe, in my language, the birds Darwin got quite excited by, no?).
    I deceded to get back to you on this here, since the discussion in your other post took a total different way. Funny how the same one thing can take totally different directions, no?
    i like your finch non shopping bags. Could be a big one. Maybe dead birds make us wonder because they can’t fly any more? Thanks for sharing this.

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