keys and strokes

Most of my days and nights is taken up currently by 1, 2, 3, the film I briefly described earlier on… very true that every idiot can face a crisis, but the day to day living it is, that wears us out… small stuff like machines not saving what you do, frames disappearing magically, people ringing, coffee machines not working and deliveries not arriving – all this sneaks in my back bones, from there up my spine and straight in to my brain.


Strangely enough I am fulfilled (full-filled is much nicer, no?) with a very content happiness lately. Was it the encounter with the dead mocking bird I had, or the two really lovely new people I met this weekend, or the one night i spent out dancing till daybreak – I am not quite sure, but I decided to take some bright, rather than some  drab and gloomy pictures in the editing suit today.



3 thoughts on “keys and strokes

  1. Hi, Sannekurz,
    I love this photo and that it comes from a bit of exuberance and all night dancing. I am glad to find your blog as it didn’t come up when you left a comment. Hope your work goes well and I look forward to reading more of this blog.


  2. Pat, how lovely to see you reading! I am leaving for a project to Israel tomorrow…so my next posts simmer uncooked in the “edit” section…but there will be more, for sure. A hug and a smile across the sea to you!

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