It looks like I will go on with this blog for quite some time, a good idea maybe, to briefly say hi and show myself back there behind the computers and cameras.


Some pictures of the place I am living in. I think this space represents best what’s “me”.

My Childhood Home

Our Kitchen and Me

My Books

Apples & Grapes


2 thoughts on “Me

  1. I am glad you have decided to go on with this blog! Your space is amazing really. I was just reading about an exhibit in New York at the Whitney about a famous photographer, William Eggleston, known for every day subjects and also called “the father of color photography”….he would faint with delight with your space as his subject.

  2. Looking in to William Egglestons work, I must throw a “thank you for the compliment” towards you, hearing, that he might like my space… and, Pat, last not least it’s you dropping those lines…just starting I am quite proud and flattered to read those comments from a “blog pro” like you.

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