Some people show emotions via food. The good thing about that is, that food is film-able.

Last week I came back to Tel Aviv, to meet all the people, who helped me making “Toy China”, a documentary abot my search for the Jewish owners of my childhood toys. I cycle around and show people the short film on DVD. Cycling in Israel is great.

Today I was at Tami Eisenbergs place. She has got a pin ball machine from the 80ies.

Before I got there, I saw a public bus driver moving house for a friend with his public bus.

On my way home, I saw a cloth shop called Tami Twisting.

Having some more Arak before going to bed,  my friend Yaron Dahan and I discussed the generation of fathers, that can only show their emotions by cooking something lovely, heartwarming and amazing for you. They tend to never ever hug you, but to bake. And they say “I love you” to their kids only wordless and oh-so silent, hunkering deep over a plate of soup, trying to hide in it, sipping slowly the letter-shaped noodles swimming in the broth…

Tomorrow I am meeting Joshua from Irgun Jecke, the association of Central European Jews, representing Jews with geman heritage.

Today, for my friend Tawnya Foskett only, I will put up some bright pictures, because she loves them.

Normally, I’m a cinematographer. For “Toy China” I step out of my usual role. You can read more about my documentary film project “Toy China” here.





5 thoughts on “Some people show emotions via food. The good thing about that is, that food is film-able.

  1. Oh, I adore these photos! Your shoes break my heart for some reason. And, I want to know a public bus driver like you describe. I would make him roast chicken or take portraits of his children if he’d move a few things out of my house!

  2. Pat, I felt the same about this randomly taken picture. That’s why I kept it.
    I am a great eraser of stills and after one day, I have only 5 or 6 photographs left of all those things, I’ve been collecting all day.
    It is a bit – the bus driver comes here in handy again – like moving house to often:
    I am living with a 30GB hard disc on my computer.
    Like moving forced me often to reduce my giant collection of things, the space limitation gives me something I think might be focus?
    At least it makes me a choice lover.

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