I am currently attending the IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival in International Documentary Film Festival AmsterdamAmsterdam.
I have

  • lost my phone with all numbers
  • bought a new phone (Dutch, no numbers)
  • seen some movies
  • been speaking a lot of Dutch
  • danced till the morning
  • been waking up early
  • eaten some amazing Dutch fast food
  • met old class mates from the time I studied here cinematography at the NFTVA/NFTA, the Dutch Film Academie

It is sludgy and raining here. But I am very happy and content.


4 thoughts on “IDFA

  1. Very happy and content. Now, that is wonderful. If I lost my phone, I don’t think I’d be very happy so I think you have a good sense of balance in your life. Of course, I already knew that because how else could you dance all night?

    Unbalanced people don’t dance well, never mind all night!

    Now, what would a tasty Dutch “fast food” be?

  2. Pat and Ann, I took last night some pictures, to make a special food edition – very fast (food) only for two of you! It might be food with controversial texture and even a maybe more interesting rather than fresh taste, but it is almost an work of modern art, bot in it’s creation as well as in it’s presentation…
    And Julz: you will be invited to the wassail of a feast!
    I might be a day or so…Internet access here on the festival IDFA is a sad story…

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