IDFA – Dutch Fast Food

s-08-11-23-dsc_00621Even een Febootje uit de muur halen” means more or less to quickly get yourself some easy delicious Dutch fast food out of a wall. A phenomenon completely unknown in the rest of Europe, the hot-fast-food-machines.

Being a person that indulges in great, fresh, well and beautifully prepared food, it might seem quite surprising that I love what you see here. Yes, I do enjoy cooking, do it twice a day whenever I can, I love to eat with friends, buy fresh at the market, touch greens, fruits, vegetables, love to feel texture, smell herbs and spices, touch, taste.s-08-11-23-dsc_0058

I even peak in to food blogs like Bread&Honey (my favourite) or Everybody Likes Sandwiches.

If you look at the spaceship in the middle, you might understand the attraction…considering than, that I had not been in the Netherlands in almost ten years, you might even be able to imagine me running with a wide loud laugh to the next wall, given the exotic attraction of something only seen in Holidays.


Two bijstanders, people watching me taking pictures, did not want to believe me, that we have no such food or sales places in Germany. As if I had said: “Yes, a horse can really fly!” they’ve been staring at me. For all the non Dutch, here a bit more information:

s-08-11-23-dsc_0049Kroket: Fried roll of crisp outer crust of bread crumbs and soft inner thick sauce. comes in variations of goulash, sate, beef, veal and others. Don’t get confused with the German potato “Krokette“. On the picture we witness a Veal-Kroket being eaten. Speciaaltje: A flat bit of spicy minced meat, rolled in bread crumbs and fried. Frikandel: A sausage shaped piece of minced meat, similar to a long thin meat ball, fried for finishing. Kaas Souffle: Do not dare to compare it with anything you knew as a soufflé before. Cheese rolled in bread crumbs and guess what? Fried, yes.

PS. When I live there, McDonalds had a “Mc Kroket“, which I failed to try.

PPS. Hard to believe, that I really write about food here. Firstly, I did this for two friends. Secondly, everyone in our days can make nice pictures. To really immerse yourself in to something and be passionate about it is not as common though. And so I remembered an old friend, who once told me, that good film making went hand in hand with  the ability to enjoy dance, food and sex. Well. If he’s right there…

I for now watch the morning light flooding in to my little place under the roof. It’s going to be a nice day today. and I say good-bye to Dutch fast food for the next 10 years.


5 thoughts on “IDFA – Dutch Fast Food

  1. Oh, I think this is wonderful! The name itself: getting delicious food from the wall!

    That crispy thing does indeed look delicious!

    And nothing could go wrong with cheese fried in bread crumbs, either.

    Thanks for this! Are you still there. I’m a bit confused as to where you are on the planet right at the moment.

  2. Ohje – Erinnerungen, die ich nicht näher bewerten will…
    Jetzt weißt du, dass ich nichts anderes mehr lese als dein Blog!

  3. Pat, I am right now: on the way to Berlin. I do get confused myself now and than in terms of where actually I am – I am serious.
    Unfortunately there is NONONO such thing in our latitudes, Ann…at least not to my knowledge. Germany, the Wallfood Free place. My son Tim, bound to be 13 in less than two months, is taking up on this challenge: He wants a commercial frying machine for Chrissie, and I can smell already, what will be served soon in walls in and around Munich…
    Christoph, I hope so.

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