Nights of Scent

Copying many movies I love all day, smelling deep in to blankets at night and getting to many emails to be able to deal with them, it is this picture down there, that is still in my heart, strangely enough.

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Berlin to attend some ceremony of the German government. If we are lucky with our film, we will walk home with an award that has a nice tag attached, with numbers and a Euro sign written on it.

Wish me luck.



4 thoughts on “Nights of Scent

  1. Oh, yes, of course, I wish you luck! I don’t understand the picture you posted and its meaning to you but it is enough that you say it is still in your heart. I wish you luck with matters of the heart, too.

  2. Sanne halo.
    i wish you goodluck & crossing fingers
    the lovley lady above me said everything 🙂
    i know also the chaka chaka thing…so…
    no matter what you are GREAT !

    p.s. Jappnees ppl saying : what goes with heart… …comes with the heart .



  3. The strange thing with this bug of a picture was: I could not understand myself why it was sitting there in my brain nagging on to me…but since I spat it out here – gone!
    It’s a photography from a pizza place just around the IDFA Festival Centre next to Rembrandt Plein. they serve good and cheap pizza there, but they do not put their heaters on. I had lunch there with Jiska Rickels, a director and friend of mine.
    Thanks for all the lovely wishes! Noam nice to know that you pop by!

  4. Lots and lotsa luck to you dearest. Just visualise yourself receiving the cheque and lots of happy faces around you and leave it up to the universe. I believe in you and your mission.

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