In Berlin you got not to heat in Winter

In a coin laundrette, which I had to use, because all my slightly more fancy clothes were unbelievably smelly, I found this note on the laundromats pin board wall:


It says:

“I am looking for a Mini-Living space including a tiny bit of electricity/water, who’s landlord is asking a flexible rent of 10-16 EUR a week according to my salary.
I’m never using TV, music players etc and I believe, that I will not have to heat.”

Landlords out there, does no-one have a place where Barbara Heinz can listen to music?


8 thoughts on “In Berlin you got not to heat in Winter

  1. Not only I love people checking my blog, I also like intensely folks making me learn new words and look up things like “peruse”. What a great and cute little word…so much nicer than check, look at, control or any of those! Thanks – I am NOT joking!
    Feel free to take the challenge teach me one new word with every new post I do…this will encourage me to write more and more faster and faster…and maybe even invent more new words like in my post EINSENFLECHTER

    • Hey Pat, my most loyal and staunch reader!
      Great to see, that y r still popping by.
      I have been electricity less and media less offline in Italy and Switzerland – and had a absolutely divine time. Shooting and working since and: Computer in pieces about to be fixed for weeks already I am using public Internet currently, since maybe January the 20th already?? Soon there to be some money to pay the man doing the fixing job…he is great though…if y ever have an unsolvable problem with a Mac – he is the man who will solve it!
      Not quite sure if this answered some of your questions…I am running a premiere of the film “1, 2, 3” next week and am trying to get back on blogging discipline and write and read as often as I should 🙂
      Can you believe I had a language crisis as well?!?
      What a strange silly thing…being back to Germany now after five years overseas in Anglo-Saxon countries, it took me almost twelve months to feel I am not searching for German words and expressions any more as lovely as something English I had in mind at the same time.
      Watching this happening, the return of my language out of fog and filth of abandoning it for years, in the same time I could see my English disappearing faster and faster by the minute.
      I understood less, could and can write and express less, feel more clumsy and less light writing it.
      I even thought about switching my Blog to German…did you have this feeling after your return from Heidelberg?
      It took me a while to force myself to sit down again and use the remains…I know that it is all still readable and fine, but I feel like a man running with one leg.
      Anyway, at least I run!
      All my love, nice to know y r around

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