Finding unconventional solutions to problems during a shoot is one of the things I love. Here we have been improvising to get a tracking shot of two people running down an alley way, chasing each other. I built a small stabilisation system based on the idea of a steadicam and image stabilizers. Hooked up and tied on to David, the driver you see underneath me, we shot the chase going across cobblestones ahead of the actors. As you can see, we did not only get some great footage, but had heaps of fun too.

Production Still from "The Line"

Shooting movies in Australia is fun, he?


3 thoughts on “Motorcycling

  1. Hi Sanne,
    If you ever shoot in NYC, and need some help in any capacity, I will be glad to help. I love your work and your attitude. Heck… even if it is to shoot for Bianca or Ed again… maybe not!!! LOL

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