Section Feature Film…

…it is. Today I read finally the press release.

After the phone call on Tuesday eve, I had been waiting for something official to show to my friends. Today finally there was something on the homepage.

I won not only the National Competition for Women Directors of Photography 2009 …o my friend but won it as well in a section called  “feature film”.

The festivals homepage and the Press Release section are only updated in German – I guess English will follow.

The Jury says about us winning the section feature film:

“In einem ungewöhnlichen Format, in 1: 1.37, gestaltet Susanne
Kurz ein filmisches Gedicht. Mit großer Leidenschaft und
Stilsicherheit komponiert sie in einem Film, der auf Dialog
verzichtet, faszinierende und stimmungsvolle Bilder.”

(“In an unusual aspect ratio – 1,37 – Sanne Kurz is creating a cinematic poem. With great passion and sense of style she is composing a movie, that does not need words. Fascinating, atmospheric)

Dates and Times:

Film Screening: Sat, 25.04., 16:00, Schauburg. 1, 2, 3 together with Der, Die, Das.

Festivalopening: 21. April 2009, 19.30, CineStar Dortmund

Award Ceremony: 26. April, 18:00, Schauburg


11 thoughts on “Section Feature Film…

    So happy for you and so proud to have worked along side with you. I am honored to have known you even until today… keeping in touch via email, facebook, etc.
    Love your work and your great attitude on the set.
    I will work for you anytime you need it doing whatever it will take..
    Hope to see you soon ..
    nyc- 3/12/09

  2. oh sanne. wie phantastisch das ist!!!
    million glückwünsche von mir…lass uns das mal feiern, wenn du wieder da bist!

  3. Thanks folks for all your lovely comments…I am blushing…
    JC: you make me feel like I should hire you as my personal PR agent!! WOW…to much of those compliments! Thanx!! How is your (equally amazing :-)!!) Art Direction going?
    Sabi: I finally get of my arse and do a new showreel…with Drink till you Drawn directed by th marvelous Sabina!! … will put it online than as well…wait wait 🙂
    Aennnnnnnnnnn: Feiern immer gut! C y extrasoon xx

  4. Glückwünsche!

    Lucky my wife can read German, no need to wait for the English translation 🙂 xxo Rups

    Once again well done, and hope to see you at The Band screening if you can make it.

  5. I love Rupert not only your Glueckwuensche, but as well the UMLAUT your computer does and mine does not…makes me still an outsider here to not have the Umlaut happening…
    I am trying SO hard to come the 18th…gotta be in Germany the 20th to be in the festival that has given me this cinematography award though 🙂 … how come she knows German? Is she xtrasmart or extra-European?? xo

  6. On Macs you just need to press down the Option key and then the letter “u” and then whichever letter you want so – option + u + u = ü.

    Both Tegrin and her brother only spoke German up until the age of five because her father was a German teacher and her mother is German.

    Well, you can always wait until The Band screens in Germany. MultiVisionnaire had a presence at the European Film Market in Berlin and The Band was one of the films they took over although it didn’t screen but the market has since finished.

    xox Rups

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