Cinema sleep is a close relative of theatre and opera sleep.

Being sucked in by a piece until total surrender of your own mind, you do relax completely, start perceiving with your stem brain more than with your senses and fall in a deep, warm, refreshing sleep. It happens to me mainly in movies I love: Paris, Texas took me 5 sittings to watch all of it, Stalker and Nostalghia about 8 each, Langsamer Sommer slowly has been dripping in my depraved numbed loving mind and the Tin Drum I have not seen in its entirety until today.

The film critic, author and editor Helmut Färber, who was my film history teacher at Munich Film School, told us once, after I woke up, that cinema sleep – as well as theatre and opera sleep – has this magic plus a free lottery ticket  to win a completely new perception. Sleeping and being totally relaxed in moments, the creator of a piece planned for tension or suspense, waking up, pumping adrenalin like crazy, trying to find out what happens on screen (respective on stage), being as alert as if chased by a lion – our senses hormone flushed and wide open, wider than usually, we discover every time we wake up new parts, bits and pieces of a film, see new, feel new. How lovely is it?

My father indeed only asked, whenever he heard I had been to the cinema: “And, so, did you sleep again for 8 Euros?” I love him a lot, but: You clearly can tell he is a bit of an ignorant.

Never forget I will the fluffy cloudy mood I am in when I hover after a sleeping session out of the cinema, leaving the dark room, in to a midsummer night or a city with setting sun, magic hour starting, my mind still numbed and bend by what I saw and experienced, my body warm lit from inside, packed in feathers, moving slowly like through fog. Details of the reality, that is rushing flowing pondering on to me at me in to me punch pierce cross my eyes, mind, body, ears and I smell more than before, think more than before, hear more than before.

All senses open. Walking like through a thick fairytaley air. A bit like after a long session at the sauna on a cold winters day. Do you know what I am talking about?

Thank God he gave cinema sleep!

Out of a lack of people sleeping in the cinema or  in bed photographed by me, you’ll get myself in bed, so there is some visual decor for this post to make it less boring.

sanne with green checker board blanket


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