Dortmund has no Curry Sausage.

The screening was lovely. The DP, who shot the film, that won the documentary section cinematography award is divine. Her film “Der, Die, Das”, I loved. The image of Germany, it draws, made me very sad. Seven year old kids being asked “Where do you come from?” – and they answer, that they don’t know. The teacher persists: “Think about it, where are your parents born? Your grandparents?” Most kids come from Bosnia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, a black kid from Holland AND Turkey, the entire globe in one classroom. In the end they all know “I am born in Berlin, but…” … but… the “not-really-from-here” word… but…”…but my grandparents are from Poland”, “…but my mum speaks at home Turkish to me.”

They don’t understand. One kid answers: “My Brother is born in Germany, but I am from Berlin.” Kids are great, no? Anne Misselwitz used a Fig Rig and very long lenses in her very beautiful observational style to go with those Berlin primary school kids through their first year at school  in this long-term documentary.

I feel like an alien coming from clean neat nice Munich. watching this film, being in Dortmund. We have the 5,80 Designer Curry Sausage at Bergwolf in porcelain take-away look-alike dishes.

Many satellite antennas here suggest behind all those closed curtains must be many Turkish families. Grey facades, Dortmund being a Ruhrstadt, a city in the Ruhr area confirms there must be many foreign workers, who once dug stone coal out of German soil. Workers who brought their families and their amazing food. And workers who love cheap German sausage, like our ex-chancellors Schroeder’s favourite dish, the Curry Sausage.


…but they are hiding out today.

I will leave my lovely tiny hotel room and go stroll explore.

I am a bit sad I did not take my camera.

I am very happy this festival is such a nice one.

I am very curious to see my award tomorrow night.

Is it a sign, for me being scattered, or at least for my brain being, that I put this post in six out of seven categories?


Is it a hellish problem or god send gift and blessing I am scattered?


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