You did not really…

…think I would put here a photograph of the cinematography award??


3 thoughts on “You did not really…

    • Jaromir, I am trying to find out what you are trying to tell me. – my favourite online dictionary and never ending source of joy for a mediocre non native speaker like me – suggests “orthographically similar words: belaying – relying – belting” when I am looking for “belying”.
      “Belaying”, they tell me on Leo, is a nautical term, meaning staghorn, “Kreuzholz” or “Belegklempe” – whatever that is.
      “Relying” you can not possibly have been trying to say, given the little sad face you added, when lured in to coming here to wordpress by my facebook status message on the spur of the moment you saw: nothing and you have been trying to look at a picture of the sculpture with engraving I have been given last night and the little cheque dangling off it attached to its bottom… the award is to large to fit in my tiny place in Munich! Jaromir! what am I going to do? You should come past for a beer or two to have a look and give me some advice. and tell me what you meant by “belying”. Or: Do you know a cheap and spacious place to live in? Affordable for an artist and in Munich? I promise, when you find me one, with enough space to put up my award, I will definitely take a still of the sculpture and put it online!

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