Mein großer linker Zeh

Update January 2012: This film with Gregory B. Waldis is now available on amazon and idealo.
How would you translate this in to English? “My great left Toe”? , “My large left Toe”? “Big”? “Tall”? Wide, heavy, biggish, long, fat???

Pretty hard to translate a name of a film about a man who is different, coz he is special and: he has a …very…different left toe problem.

In the lovely Wasserburg  near Munich we are shooting a feature film about Bruno,  a man with slightly autistic behaviour, who appears suddenly in the small town at the Inn river and stirs up the locals.

Carlos Methfessel joined us today as a stills photographer and took this photograph of our lead, Gregory B. Waldis.

_MG_1106 mittel


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