Dubai Shopping Surrealism

On the way to Australia you come past the new Terminal 3 in Dubai Airport.

Artificial waterfalls 60 meters wide, LED lights in translucent walls, 12 freely hanging elevators in a row zooming up and down in a speed you might develop a vertigo from it. Via approximately 82 shiny and illuminated escalators you are spat in to a mall reminding you the unique Dubai festival calendar who offers to its international guests not only arts and film, but as well a l shopping festival running each year for a week or so.

Plus electricity everywhere with international plugs to charge all your electric personalities gadgets and free wireless all over the place an: air condition.

Very Middle Eastern than the fact that the shimmering shiny multimedia charge towers are mostly not plugged in to the house power system and: there is no plug near to connect the orphan little whitish cables hanging like lonely worms out of the towers.

This all might sound gossipy – but I must say I am deeply impressed and can not help it even though I can see the quite shallowly filled emptiness behind the façade.

A bit of a Potemkin-eske experience.

My most beloved person – of all people who want to be millionaires I know, should stop working right now, convert to Islam, grow a beard and marry a girl from Dubai – becoming a millionaire problem solved.

How much do I love architecture shots with shaky elements in them!

DSC_0135 Dubai

DSC_0137 Dubai


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