The Band @ Cannes Festival

By a lovely note from  Tina Kinne, a director of mine, I found out quite surprisingly that “The Band”, which I shot in Melbourne in 2006 and which was directed by my friend Anna Brownfield,  is screening in Cannes Film Festival!

Tina wrote:

Just watched by coincidence “The Band” – amazing movie … congratulations&respect.

Did she say this to make me blush or coz she liked it? Hm…maybe I should hold another competition to solve this question…

Anyway: Thank you Tina!!
Check  for more screenings during the festival here.

The Band

Meantime, Jan 2012, The Band by anna Brownfield got released in the US, Canada and Germany. More info here and here.


3 thoughts on “The Band @ Cannes Festival

  1. Wow, how great is that to have someone you know catch it by coincidence … hope everything is well for you about the globe 🙂 xo Rups

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