Update January 2012: Rodicas will screen at Berlinale 2012. Official homepage of the film Rodicas here. You can also find there a trailer of Rodicas.

June 2009
Almost a week ago I got back from shooting with Alice Gruia the “Rodicas’ “.


Alice. My Director.

A documentary about two 87 and 82 year old ladies living for the last 30 years in Australia, having passed both several countries before that.

Rodica Odette and Rodica Ramira, both descendants of Jewish families, left Romania after the war, having to start over again in their early twenties in new countries, learning new languages.

One Rodica lived with her German husband in Uruguay for years. Her kids are were born and bred there. she still speaks Spanish to them. Sometimes strange and antique sounding German words like “Sitzfleisch” flood in to the conversation at her family table and flock around the English Romanian Spanish mix. She is the younger one of the two friends. Bubbly, bustling, lively. She never drinks water. Believes in Tarot reading and future telling. She’s still working. For the last years only part-time, she apologizes.

The other Rodica rings her friend every morning. She went to Germany, following her son. Worked as a teacher and struggled for almost two years, to get her papers in post war Germany, with still to many antisemitic people around in the 50ies.  She is a true lady. Stylish from tip to toe. Sport every day. Composed, reasonable, considered, perfect. She does get emotional about politics. Loves Obama, watches the news every day. With her friend she discusses only “things necessary and important” she claims.

They met playing bridge. And have been friends ever since. 30 years and on.

Together they are like humming flinging swinging teenage girls. Gossip, laugh, dance, drink. Age seems to be a unnoticed unimportant little fluff they easily brush off their tone in tone girlie dream world they are living in.

The true 16 is 86… approximately.

“I have never been so happy as int he last twenty years of my life” Rodica says.

“You give me all this Gin Tonic to drink. Can you hear what stupid things it makes me say?” she adds and laughs.

The Rodicas'.

The Rodicas'.



They probably had fun.


We certainly had fun.

DSC_0012 small copy

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