Summer Exhibition with my Cinematography Work

Less than a year back, I was helping out in a funny last-minute action Friedrich-Wilhelm Backhaus to create a video-art piece to be screened in the veranda-patio type area in front of his studio.

This year, helped by his kind suggestion,  I am invited as a guest artist to show some of my work in the studio complex Alte Wiedefabrik in Munich during their summer exhibition running from the 2nd till the 5th of July 2009 .

The Wiedefabrik built in 1928  to produce acetylene gives currently working space to over well established 25 artists. They open their doors twice a year to show their recent work.

Old beautifully renovated buildings with climbers creeping all over those walls are huddled around winding pebble-stone paths, flowering fruit trees and not to forget a cafe with regional specialities and more.

The exhibition is open daily from early afternoon till night, live music Friday/Saturday.


One thought on “Summer Exhibition with my Cinematography Work

  1. Ah you lovely woman. Congratulations on the exhibition. Wish I was in the area to see it.

    Much luck and love.

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