German release of “The Band”

It is hard to keep up the with the speed in which Anna Brownfield’s world-sales agent chucks the international releases on the market…but: we are still with you!

Here the German DVD cover for “The Band” … and further down the post some entertaining Facebook conversation regarding German title and possible dubbing of the piece … as well as some German lessons for those, who would like to enjoy “The Band”in the language of Schiller and Goethe

The Band cover Germany

FB user 1:  “shouldn’t it be “Das Bund” ???”

FB user 2: “”Das Bund” does not exist…but:
Der Bund (using “der” but your suggested noun) would be “the bond”, or a short slang word for the German army…
Das Band (using your suggested article and the closest matching noun in German) would be “ribbon”, “strip” or “strap” … which might guide us back to issues featured in the film…”

Other people are discussing the spelling of Geschlechtsverkehr – German for Sex – regarding the Punk-Rock “Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll” character of “The Band”  and its German versions.

Some came up with Geschichts-Verkehr…which is the most beautiful creation and comes close to  “History Traffic” or “History Intercourse”… which sounds a bit like sex-with-the-ex to me…but what a great word creation, no? We have  a own term for made up words: Wortschöpfung, in which we managed to squeeze one of our beautiful Umlauts…

The Wortschöpfung reminds me my friend and director David Pawsey and his word creations the other day.

David mailed me some birthday Leder-Hosen note, but made Lieder-Hosen from it, after cruising briefly past the Leider-Hose. Last not least, David has been adding a link about Lieder-Shirts for my birthday. Thanks David!

For all those, who have not been treated with German at school or even studied in Germany, such as the lovely photo-blogger Pat Coakley – and for those, who simply forgot every single word after nine years of German studies, such as my friend and fellow DOP Alexey Kuchinsky, here some German lesson for beginners:

Leder-Hose: Leather pants.  Traditional clothing worn in Bavaria during festivities.

Lieder-Hose: Song pants. They play music. I have not seen any of those yet.

Leider-Hose: Leider comes down to regrettably, sadly…  not sure about those kind of pants…

last not least:



…which leads as back to the German release of “The Band” as well as expanding our language skills…

To translate liederlich, I have been making use of Leo, may favourite online dictionary. And Leo comes up with this for liederlich:

“cockish, debauched, dissolute, licentious, loose, negligent, raffish, ribald, slatternly, sloppy, slovenly, sluttish, slutty, wanton”

You can imagine those pants…

And we are back with the Punk-Rock movies


4 thoughts on “German release of “The Band”

  1. They are apparently dubbing it into German as we speak! How funny is this going to be!! Hopefully I’ll pick up a copy while in Berlin !

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