A Campari Commercial not by Dylan Thomas and not Under Milk Woods


I am not sure, what makes me think of Dylan Thomas when posting this…

Maybe the alcohol? Maybe the fact, that I shot this one year ago and never got around to post this here or do anything with it? Or maybe the view out of the tiny roof window in the small closet, I am living in, that today offers a drab gloomy autumn sky looking as Welsh as I can imagine a sky to be?

The spot directed by Gil Levanon after an idea by producer Markus Brandmair can not be my Thomas-reminder, that’s  for sure. Even though I know, the Welsh man and his wonderful language have been used and abused by commercials quite a bit…

Well not by us.

Maybe it is just, that I must post soon something actually connected to Dylan Thomas

One thought on “A Campari Commercial not by Dylan Thomas and not Under Milk Woods

  1. A friend of mine asked me for an Englihs translation of the Campari-TVC clip… he is half German, you must know, which meant, he could understand half of it, as he told me, but it was what he insert for the second half made him wondering and thinking, it might be only suitable for X rated time slots…
    No, Warren!
    This is not one of those movies …
    It is simply a love story between a kinda shy&prim business-man, who sticks to his manners, until he finds Campari and transforms in to his version of an Italian lover…

    Here not a literal translation, but one that should get to the core of it:

    Guys what’s up
    listen to me
    I will soon have all my products on the conveyer belt
    you’ll see
    i buy
    large things to party coz i hate
    small fry
    check out the cutie at the check out
    she’ll deal with it no doubt…

    “I’m am like fresh and super-tight
    throwing a large party tonight
    gherkin pickles, creamy custard, cheesesticks and – Campari.

    I can see
    I am behaving silly and awkwardly
    but I still would be so glad
    if you’d come with me to – day

    can this convince you – maybe?”

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