Wo die wilden Kerle wohnen.

I grew up with it, convinced it is a German book. ’cause it belonged to me and my world as much as my bed and the garden behind my house. Later, I bought it for my boys. But they are kids of the 90ies…

The 70ies spirit of this book, telling you, that it is a fantastic thing to disobey rules and not follow authorities, sadly did not reach them. They found it a bit boring, that behaving badly is great, but being home eventually is even better than that.

When I lived in Melbourne, Spike Jonze turned with Lance Accord the book “Where the wild Things are” in to a movie. I found out, that it is an American book and that most of my Polish, Romanian, Russian or Czech friends did never  hear of it. It made me aware of the very enclosed western world nutshell I have been living in half of my life. The movie was talk of the town and I saw the most amazing stills from the “Wild things” set, that many of my friends worked on.

And like I disappeared from Melbourne, the movie disappeared from the face of the earth. Popping up his head here and there, rumours, two or three stills spilled like water on the street in wide stretched spatters.
…but I must admit, I am the worst person to chase news on the net and follow movie-gossip…

So for me, it did feel a bit like a totally surprising present under the Christmas tree, when I clicked my self through the lovely blog My Favorite Worst Nightmare. Nadsat Orange, who runs this blog set up like a journal full of dreamy pictures and flittering thoughts fluttering, wrote a while ago about my agent The Bakery and posted my film “1, 2, 3” – so people could watch it on her blog. Since than, I am buzzing by here and than…click some links…and found:

“Where the  Wild Things are”
The Trailer!

It will start in the US the coming weekend and in Germany December 17th.


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