“The Band” Trailer

Next week I am going to see Anna, director of “The Band”, a movie which sprung from her lovely naughty mind quite some time back …

Miss Anna Brownfield will be in Europe

  • to attend the Opening Night with her movie in our lovely capital Berlin
  • to bring me some love and squeeze me really hard
  • to check the  dubbed version before release
  • to bring me some Vegemite
  • to bring me Keens

“The Band” will be out in Germany, the US and Canada mid November 2009.

I could not resist to put a link to Vegemite’s and Keens’ homepage. They are just so ridiculously and genially hilarious. Very entertaining.

Siobhan, what was the song again with the little Vegemites??

May it be forgiven to me to link-fetish above a bit…


One thought on ““The Band” Trailer

  1. OOOhhh we’reeee happy little Vegemite’s as bright as bright can beeee, we love to have our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and teeee!!!
    Enjoy the limelight hun!

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