Waiting for Women…

…and Ghosts took me in storm. Two documentaries in program 2. Rather different. Rather wonderful.

(Watch program 2 in its 2nd screening @filmmuseum Tue, 17.11.2009, 22:00).

Waiting for Women is a thing that seems to occupy the world. Or at least half of it. I myself never wait for women to long. If I do not work with them at least. But I watched and witnessed to many waiting scenes. And I have like each human being too much solitude and longing for what Aristophanes describes in the Symposium by Plato. Even though I do not feel like a half globular sphere.

Most man in this film are half globular spheres. Not because of their body shapes, but because of their living as a half and their Waiting for Women. They are citizens and seemingly only inhabitants of a village that is in vast parts deserted and “a venta” – for sale. To get single women in to town, they organize a large party, the mayor himself will pay an orchestra for each wedding resulting from this party. A party, the village-world has not seen before – and pray to God…you better have registered to be part of it!

Shot in a very direct Cinéma vérité  style by director Estephan Wagner we are with the men and with their wait, witnessing the preparations, the desperation, and the hopes, that make us laugh with them and cry with them.

Ghosts has been shot by its director as well. In a very different and very wonderful way.

For a cinematographer like me watching from time to time amazing and visually entirely captivating things shot by the directors of the movies we admire – it is a very healthy thing, I believe.

It makes us DoPs aware, that we only can reach out a hand, try to climb in to some-ones mind, and hopefully help, in the best possible way, to make a dream on the screen come true.

Ghosts was shot on 16mm. With lots of apparent imperfection. Which made it unbelievably poetic and human. Stylish and real.

You sat, watched those tableaux of the asylum seekers centre, and you could and still can feel the heart beats of the 150 people from over 30 nations. People waiting there in Finland, putting all their hopes in their tomorrow. People being stuck in a no-place only 500km south of the Arctic Circle. People stored in a box, before moving on to France, Germany or any other land, never promised, but promising.

Ghosts director  Jan Ijäs said “Oh, I don’t have a homepage.”, when I caught him on the way to the festival lounge.  Jan, and rightfully so! Homepages are so 2005…  😉

And look what I found? Jan web 2.0 on imdb, youtube, Facebook, MySpace and even on the page of the Finnish Embassy.

So – who needs a homepage anyway??

If you want to watch those films of which one reminds me of Uli Seidel’s sad but wonderful tableaux and the other of Lisdoonvarna: Lourdes of Love by Dutch director Hans Heijnen, get tickets for Tuesday, 17.11.2009 – evening 22:00 @Filmmuseum Munich.


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