Margin boundary limit border.

A shoot is a bit like a lovely warm storm: silence in the air before, than a rough breeze, lound rattle and stiff push like brushing you almost off the ground – until you reach the eye of the storm, or does it reach you? – and you inhale, exhale, remain silent and watch the world turn in to something different around you.

Before the first current hits your hair, you stroll and play in those doing nothing days and wait, spending your time reading online magazines.

One of those nights before the Andererseits shoot, I found Christian Kuhn and his work in the online version of the SZ-Magazin – it is all in German, but still worth to check out.

Christian Kuhn was featured with “Outside The Margin” – a very personal collection of images portraying people, their emotions and sexuality in a very subtle and gentle way that touched me a lot.

Christian was so kind to share.
Share with us – an back to work for me tomorrow in the morning.


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