Winter Weihnacht

Each year, especially when you have a father, who’s birthday is on the 24th of December, we run back to the caves our parents live in, duck down and squeeze a little and try to cuddle up with our kids in to our mother’s womb.

My parents broke up more than 20 years ago. I was 14 and to busy to care.

Do you know Miranda July‘s Learning to Love you More project? She gave assignments to people like “curate an exhibition from the art in your parents house” or “make strangers holding hand” or”re-read your favourite book from 5th grade” or “take a picture of your parents kissing”. The book with a collection of the online submissions moved me a lot. Strange, that I do spend so much time in this online world and still prefer books, no? Probably coz I can touch them. And I do like to touch. The cave above made me think about Miranda Julys site. It is the cosy cave my father lives in. You might have heared about him before when I’ve been writing about some people expressing emotions via food.

Well, there is lots of food in this pink place at the moment. And I like.

aaahh..did I say already more than twice I got a homepage?


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