Restaurant Boullion Chartier.

A happy New Year and a large Thank You I’d like to throw to all my readers and followers and friends and strangers who come by and peek in between those lines and pictures and movies from time to time for a bit over a year now.

I hope some of you enjoy as well my new homepage – I am happy to get feed-back on both sites!

To say Danke, I got a small, but lovely free-bee.

No, sadly it is not a dinner at Chartier. That would be a bit unfair on all those not to close to Europe, no?

For all those, who have not had the chance to get to Paris and enjoy a snowy New Years Eve or hot summer nights dinner at Boullion Chartier, and therefore never had the chance to take home one of their iconic menus, you can make your own on the web now. Fill in, print out. Easy as.

The sample menu of the day you can find here, the free-be do it yourself one here.

Why in the world you would need a menu of Chartier? Well… you could cut it in to envelopes, to write me a letter, wrap a present in it or simply use it as wallpaper, like I do with my original menus and you can see in my tiny tiny lovely room.


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