Last Day Today.

Ben from the bakery contacted me over a year ago. He had the great idea to link creative services of artists from all fields of creation and connect them to the industry. As well as presenting their work in a small gallery environment. He asked me to join.  Ever since  I enjoy great openings and a vernisage here and there and most importantly: their amazing coffee in the cosy office-space  in snowy Munich.

Some bloggers found me and the film 1, 2, 3  on the bakery’s site and wrote the one or the other lovely review about Siobhan Jackson’s gorgeous little movie I shot a while ago.

Just this week the bakery opened a 2nd office in Berlin.  And today is the last day, you might be able to hunt down some artwork from the artists in the bakery’s portfolio during their winter-gallery-market. Expanding to Berlin is a great move – but Ann, we will miss your curry-sausage!!

If  you live to far off, or were too late to get a glimpse, here is a small free-bee – 1, 2, 3 – just a part of the movie, some might have watched it already on my homepage.

Can you tell by my diminishing daily duller posts I got nothing to do and am out of brain space? Work I need.

Shooting is fueling my soul and filling my mind with fresh air and lots of light.

Sometimes, I am not patient enough to wait for it.


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