This is not a Cooking Post.

In winter, when frost is paralysing bones and brain and we search rescue inside, hoping for a warm fire-place, in those winter times it is quiet in the film industry. People left to the warm harbours of Caribbean islands or wait for spring, tucked in to thick down duvets, nose sticking out.

Here in Europe, we are not spoiled by never-ending Californian sunshine and global warming has not yet done enough to show us all year-round its sunny side.

I tend to get homey, make cookies, put the kettle on for a tea and the pull the woolen jumper tighter around my shoulders.

I am a terrible person in terms of dealing with free time. The wood of my little table shows more pictures than usually in its figures and I have more time to deal with more spam I get lately. Yep. Spam is fun!

Hilarious how a third of the spammers on this planet try to sell me Viagra, another third wants me to enlarge my – male – genitals and the last part: yes, Russian lonely “Sexual Blondes” that want to make me happy and keep me from feeling lonely. Must be a winter-special on in spamming companies… “spam more for less” or “Silver Siberian Spam Deal” of the week or something.

I wonder how a conversation with a Russian “Sexual Blonde” would go, given my  lack of erection options and performance (-> see Viagra spam) and my according to the penis enlargement offers I do get obviously far to tiny genitals. Oh, yes, she will have to talk to me…

Maybe the Sexual Blonde is very smart and entertaining… we could chat about politics and the development of information access in the third-world given more and more people using mobile phones as a gateway to the Internet. I would ask her what she thinks about Wikipedia being focussed on western countries and listen to her opinion about the Middle East, Barack Obama and the pope… maybe she can even cook or at least make great coffee…hm…wonder if I should tell her that I am a girl…do you think the lonely Russian Sexual Blonde would be disappointed to hear that? …not sure….

But lucky there is GLOBI, who wants to be my friend on MySpace.


Having had this small insight in to my virtual life, you will not be surprised that this week Pro7 launched an online-series I shot last year in Prague. You can watch it here. No…no Russian Sexual Blondes…but a cheeky brunette and yes, some marketing. Have a look, I think the pieces are pretty well done – thx to director Michael Wolf and producer Felix von Poser. Billie’s posts are almost completely shot by Jan Linnartz. Steffi’s Blog, that will follow, is shot entirely by me. The small films are partly in German … sorry folks! but maybe you can find a Russian Blonde to translate….


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