Wanted: A Place to Call Home.

Some of you might know: I am looking for a place to call home. Not only would it be nice to long term feel actually at home and based somewhere I wanna put down my roots, no. Very very short and for sure mid-term it would be intensely refreshing to not have to be living in this Fiat 500 sized place any more. This place that not only does store my mattress and stove but that in fact is a storage room.

Some of you might have been here and maybe someone has set up secretly a bank account for donations already… yes, some people out there are trying to sponsor a bright wide space for Sanne Kurz and have forgotten to tell me…bugger***

***I started so hard to dream in the last months, about this place with some soil outside in a backyard or garden or balcony to dig my fingers in deeply. With some old fruit trees and pebblestones and roses and climbers having a conquest who is first up the roof’s ridge. With sun shining from east and west and south and on Tuesdays even from the north.

With some paint washed off and some paint flaking down and some paint put freshly up by me.

I can use a blanket in winter if the heating is not perfect. And there is a shed for all our projects and lots of bikes. I even might get a TV again.

I want to move in with my family and people I love.

So much did I start to live in my imaginary kitchen, that I took a kitchen-style-book from the library – and I do hate women scratching their heads mainly about how to style their kitchen!

I found a nice place to move in on the net. And I am not sure what I like more:

…the space and the light and the piano…

…or the garden.

Images are by a real estate agent which I refuse to credit. (is there NON real estate by the way? Is not all estate real??) – Anyway. Would you mind to just transfer 3.000,- Euros each month on the bank account of the landlord? So I can move in lets say…hm…next Tuesday?

Next sun-shining-from-the-north Tuesday? – Yep, I do remember my Melbourne time and sun shining from the north there 7 days a week. – And I must admit: I will miss my tiny small tent Fiat 500 sized storage room once I live in the large large bright airy sunny space.

But only on Tuesdays.


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