I shot a movie in New York. Once upon a time, few years back and not to long ago and just now.

Often in the past, I was hosted in Brooklyn. This time, I have been staying with Tawnya Foskett and a Couchsurfing friend. Tawnya lives close to the corner of East 50th St. and 1st Avenue. You can almost smell the United Nations, so close is the building. The area is packed with diplomats, supermarkets selling the strangest specialities a diplomat might miss from home and freshly manicured ladies are walking dogs the size of a rat. The Latvian Consulate is just around the corner and Indian groceries, where you can get pass port pictures taken by a Pakistani who squeezes with his Polaroid camera in to the cat food shelf in order to get the frame large enough to fit your face,   are bordering Thai massage studios.

Yesterday, I moved to Mary Ann in Harlem. We met on Couchsurfing. She is a storytelling teacher. I took some footage on the streets last night and no freshly manicured ladies with rat-sized dogs hobbling tick-tick-tick-tick on their matchstick thin legs high-heeled through this neighbourhood.

Streets and footpaths packed with a wild mix of ethnicities, large families walking out of cheap street eateries, people having loud disputes next to their high volume car audio.

In Midtown, people have large SUV cars so they look more important. Here, people have large SUV cars to fit more amplifiers and speaker inside it seems.

I love both. I love to watch people. Strange creatures we are.

Today, I am going home.


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