English Country Folk.


Aristocracy in England I imagine to be like those Ladies I watched in the S-Bahn to Ikea today. People you would usually expect to gather on a Saturday afternoon for tea and wait together for their spouses to get back from hunting . Sipping their milky Earl Greys they might discuss the endless trouble you got in our days with the staff and especially the new maid.

Watching the two Ikea tourists looking like the English lady from the country in my phantasy, I overheard their conversation:

“So, how are you going now being a single mum? Do you find time for the horses at all?”

“Well, Leon is in after-school care, he only gets home at 18:00…but next year, when he will start high school, I tell you I got no clue how to manage. Plus: He is bilingual since his father is Spanish – and believe it or not, we got SO much trouble finding a bilingual school here for him…”

This was a real conversation… how do you find time for the horses…well. I had an Ikea stroll so under the influence of this conversation, that I left after 2 hours and had not bought one thing. I got to admit I was rather proud of myself.



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