Bild Means Picture.

In Germany, we have a newspaper called BILD. Bild means picture. This newspaper is not a paper for illiterates or graphic novel fans…well… it would be thinking bad of all illiterates and graphic novel fans to claim BILD would be made for them.

It is a paper with badly researched news in brief, pretending to be real news. With the largest letters in the German newspaper market. With a naked girl on the front page every single day. With a strong factor of unintended entertainment, featuring articles such as “Hitler – did he work on a UFO?” or “We are Pope!”. With a circulation of 3 Million (going down from 4.5 Million 10 years ago).

BILD knows the German soul. BILD is spelled with CAPITAL letters!

BILD has a longer English language Wikipedia entry than Süddeutsche Zeitung, due to its inglorious role during the German student riots in 1967/68 after the assassination attempt on Rudi Dutschke, that killed him eventually 12 years later. – it is worth the stroll to Wikipedia here.

The German Wikipedia mentions lovingly that the Axel Springer paper BILD features articles “radically shortened in grammar and content”. – nicely put.

Yesterday, a film I shot came to the inglorious honour to be featured largely in BILD. I found 3 mistakes and wrong quotes on clear facts in the article just by scanning briefly across the text – I am sure there is more carelessly spread false information, if you take more than 30 seconds to read through. Facts you could easily get right such as the length of the film or the hometown of its director. Funny. Interesting.

Lets wait and see, how many BILD readers come to the screening and world-premiere of this movie by Tom Tamar Pauer on Wednesday, 20:00 at Neues Gabriel Filmtheater in Munich.

Ah, and I have nothing against naked girls…and I do like to be entertained whilst zipping my morning coffee…I just like as well a minimum acknowledgement of my brain cells when I am reading a paper.


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