Flying Buddha.

I like to teach. Currently, just neatly sitting between two jobs, I teach in camera optical and mechanical tricks. Sounds boring and complicated.

Is fun and complicated.

We shot a flying Buddha and a daemon appearing next to a bed out of nothing. And beheading a child with a saw…and some day for night and of course my favourite – spaceshiiiiiiiips!!

I love them so much I had to use a font colour never used in this blog.

Shall I post some really ugly webcam pictures from our setup?? Or wait for the really beautiful 35mm footage to come??


5 thoughts on “Flying Buddha.

  1. Your blogs are always interesting and always relevant somewhere in my life but suddenly I SEE YOU ARE SHOOTING A FLYING BUDDHA. At the same time, not coincidence at all, I am working on a TVC treatment for a beer called LUCKY BEER and we are planning on in-camera flying shots of the beer bottle which, is, of course, the laughing BUDDHA!
    Life is fun.

    Oh, and I finally got a copy of the famous feminist erotic feature THE BAND. I watched the ‘making of’ and laughed myself silly. Now for the film…

    I miss you in person.

  2. JC wrote me an email…
    Hi Sanne… just got to this buzz thing from gmail… would love to see the 35mm footage!!!! I bet its really cool!!! Who do u teach?? adult, college, teenagers, or kids??

    And I wrote back…
    Hey JC…thx for yr message! – good to hear form ya 🙂 Students at Munich Filmschool aged 25-30 probably… but doing film tricks makes you feel like a child again 🙂

  3. Oh, Mister Pawsey, life is fun indeed. I very much miss you around as well. Enjoy making the beer fly high and let me know if you need some help with it.

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