A while back I was having an arts day with my father. In the very end of this satisfying intensely happymaking tiring day we went to Magdalena Hutter‘s Triptych.

A video installation filled with stories and harsh desert light. Full of empty landscapes and paths leading nowhere. You start to listen to those people. You see their world around. Hear their voice, witness their empty wishful travel circling the hope they got: Europe.

And I feel: The hope is what dies last.

Not often I was made to sense the wish for a better future so strongly as when listening, watching, sensing Triptych. Is it coz documentaries can make us feel more?

A Internet note I read made me think Triptych will travel again and give us a chance to see more than the teaser on vimeo… Triptych after 4 May hopefully again on the big screens.


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