I know no HTML. None at all apart from < br > and that’s pretty much all.
brr is it cold in my appartment…
brr walk slow little horse…

No seriously. I am a DOP and do have, I believe, a bit more of a technical skill than, let’s say…my aunt, who used to be a shoe-shop sales person before she had two children and became a housewife for the rest of her life.
Still, I always had a massive respekt and was looking in envy and stunned admiration at those cool homepage owners…
…who…just one year back!…who would have thought that I ever will be the homepage maker of films I do shoot??
Not me, that’s for sure.

Opening a restaurant (“The Blind Chef”) or, yes, starting a smell&feel garden should I ever turn blind and not be able to work as a cinematographer any more…but homepages?! – Seriously.

And now, look at them. One, two, three.
…not very bad, no?

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