May Coffee.

This is the first coffee from our lovely Isomac. The Isomac is silver and shiny and has knobs to turn and lots of switches to flick. you got to make your coffee with the manual right at hand. but it looks so beautiful with its shining lights and dials. And it makes fluffy foam. We don’t have a word for fluffy in Germen, did you know that?

The cup is from Melbourne where I lived for a while making movies. I seem to be a bit obsessed with that cup … look, it is on one of my business cards as well…

P.S. Everyone who could not see the short film trick blurp Devil, can do so now…Sony Germany had a brief dispute with me about it…


4 thoughts on “May Coffee.

  1. oh, eine neue kaffeemaschine und auch noch eine so schöne. toll!!
    sanne. come over to berlin soon, for a fluffy coffee in our TB- office…ja?

  2. aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
    of course I wanna come to Berlin…and I would even have to do some stuff there…looking at the edit of the feature I shot…premiere…but: gotta finish renovating my house first! (New appartment….no water running yet etc…fun but lots of wooooooorrrrrrrrrrk)
    than -> BERLIN!
    @ sabi
    you of COURSE recognize the photo!! … you do know I put this lovely piece of work of yourself on my homepage?
    …it is the second one and it is a cut together version of it, if I remember right…

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