Weather: A Dark Month.

“Winters last from December to March.” you can read on the Wikipedia page about Munich under Climate. Followed by those wise words: “The summers last from May until September.” Oh, and this funny looking site of shady origin claiming for itself to be a “Worldatlas” announces  from “May through to September” warm and pleasant conditions “with mostly sunny skies”.

Well. In fact all this quoted above is a lie. I might even create a Wikipedia username to change those false fact spreading and stop forging forecasts.

Not January, May is in fact the coldest and darkest month, as you can see on those images taken with long-time exposure in my new place.

If you’d like to experience the same we go through here in Central Europe right now and you are not lucky enough to live here, just dim the screen of your  computer really really down… low enough? Now squint and feel the darkness and cold creeping up inside you.

One thought on “Weather: A Dark Month.

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