Bavarian Wonderworld.

Just to make one thing clear: the Franks ruled the area around Munich as well as vast parts of Bavaria, having it in their tough Merovingian grip as part of their Eastern territory: Austrasia.

…till about AD 800, when out of the bushy woods climbed* the Bavarians and started complaining. Which is what they love to do untill the very present.

Today I got stopped by a subway conductor. Searching my ticket being still on the train, finally presenting it, missing the station as focussing on the search – he told me smirking at me, the ticket in his hand and the closing doors: You needed to get out at this stop, now you got to pay 40€. – Oh, it was a monthly ticket which cost me 52,50…this just aside…

Wound up by the felt injustice (oh, yes, I have been still on the train, coz I have been looking for the ticket, a fact that all witnesses rightfully admit!), I went to the office to launch an official complaint. “Believe me, we hear excuses like this every day.” – The two witnesses I brought with me stunned and startled. “You can hand in a written complaint, but my colleague who deals with it sits right there at the table, she will not tell you anything else.”

Just a few meter down the road back on my bike, a middle-aged Bavarian woman runs almost over my son. With her car. Rather than apology, she calmly winds down the window and tells me in broadest accent melting all i’s to a’s and all a’s to o’s: “Wrong side.” – Yes, dear lady, we are going on the wrong side for about 50 meter, coz from the bike stand, the legal, official, public bike standing and storing place, you got to go 500 meter (in the right direction) to the next stoplight against the way I got to take home OR cross a 4 lane road with large bushes and trees in the middle.

Which brings me back to the bushes and trees the Bavarians climbed out off and makes me wonder, if this little anecdotes today happened, perhaps as a slight small reminder to my not so Bavarian friend, who really wants to move here for the next 6 months…

* Tassilo the III was the first Bavarian to rule in this area independently from 763 – till Charlemagne knocked on the door and stopped the Bavarian dream in 788,  reminding them the Carolingian sovereignty. Which stopped the Bavarian tap-dancing on the tables for a while.


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