Seed Bombs are Sex Bombs.

You will love this. Especially when you have no garden and are of the wild sort. Yep, wild, garden…and gardening.

Who would have thought anyway that I will start writing about gardening. Things as boring as climate harshness zones and fertilisers (yes, the connoisseurs will cry with me and feel with me whilst reading I grew up in zone 8 and am living now in a rough cold river stone cladded 6)

It might be my new house that makes me do all this and the garden belonging to it…

Non-Garden-Owners with access to any type of asphalt bits in their city can join the Pimp your Pavement Movement, part of Guerilla Gardening*. But that’s just for the peaceful minds.

You really rock your world when you mix them, make them, throw them – the Seed Bombs:

  • GGG – Green Guerilla Grenade
  • KaBLOOM! – lazy terrorist: buy, throw&grow
  • Eggsplosives – Eggs to blast
  • Seed Ballons
  • Seed Balls
  • rather traditional Clay Seed Balls

Find the recipes for all war tools here and see instruction videos on facebook.

I love the trees with Clematis and benches int he How To Pimp collection here.

* Images of Guerilla activities in Offenbach, Glasgow, Punta del Este, Copenhagen and many more places from the US to India to be found on facebook as well as on the Guerilla Gardening Homepage.


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