Conquering the Useless

“Head executive suite of Twentieth Century Fox, L.A.
It turns out that there has been no contact between the Germans, the French and Fox. On top of that applies the undiscussed implicitness, to pull a  miniature ship across a studio hill, maybe even in a botanical garden, who must not be to far away. Why not San Diego? They have greenhouses there with good tropics. And I say: this are than the bad tropics, and I say the undiscussable  implicitness has to be a real steamship across a real mountain. But not because of the realism. Because of the stylization of a great opera-happening. From than on, the amenities, we exchanged, had a thin layer of cold hoar-frost.”

Werner Herzog, Los Angeles, 19./20.6.1979

I watched on a lovely blog snippets of all roles Mick Jagger ever played…it reminded me Fitzcarraldo, Werner Herzog and the diaries he wrote during making the movie: Eroberung des Nutzlosen – The Conquest of the Useless.

What a great title, I love the German title even better than the English one, and what an even greater book!

Stop reading, go get it and off to beach or hangmat or veranda, take a blanket, if you live in the southern hemisphere, coz once you start reading, you will not lay this book out of your hands.

Funny what a full frame camera can do with a APS size lens…

Here is an interview with Werner Herzog about his book and here the amazon link…but maybe ask your local library to get it, so others can enjoy as well (you see, I really like this book, he?).

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