Grosse Sause im Neuen Hause

Not the first time I am sorry about the un-translatability of some very exquisite and in this case even slightly and very beautifully indeed oldfashioned words the German language has to offer…

…Few of my friends – Brazilian, American, Israeli, Italian – started already language courses – I swear I do not get a share and don’t hold stocks of Goethe-Institut!

Oh, this post was a bout a Sause, a party people probably had in the 20ies this way…

Come, bring a tent if you travel far or crash on my couch.
Bring yourself, friends and family.
Bring your food&drinks.
U5:  Michaelibad – Nachttram 19: St Veitstr.

contact details on my homepage


2 thoughts on “Grosse Sause im Neuen Hause

    • You know, there is this lovely house in the garden…the shed, remember? You can sleep there as well. But it will be so crowded – tent will be more private. 😉

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