“Soccer is like Chess – only without the dice”

German soccer players are fun. and they talk funny, even funnier than fun. The German national team is important: TheWikipedia entry of Deutsche Nationalmannschaft is available in 57 languages – certainly important for soccer fans is the fact, that one of these languages is “Simple English” (soothing that “bread” has in 116 languages wiki-entries, one of which is Wolof, spoken in Senegal, but should we be worried to have “sex” listed only in 54 languages?)

Interesting that from 11 people on the field 3 are Polish or of Polish descend: Miroslav Klose, Piotr Trochowski and Lukas Podolski. The multicultural modern Federal Republic has a lot more than that to offer: Yes, we do have a coloured, Brazilian born and bred player called Cacau, like cacao, but with a. What to do. Not much worse though than names like Lahm (paralysed, lame, gammy) or Schweinsteiger (pig – mounter, ascender, climber).

Oh – and didn’t I promise qualified speach??

“The cause was not the reason, but the trigger” – interesting thought of “Emperor Franz” Beckenbauer

“In one year, I played 15 months straight through” – another memory of “Kaiser Franz”

“Most games that finished 1:0 have been won.” – wisdom of Günter Netzer

“I don’t think we would have lost the game, if it would have ended 1:1” – another thought about results by Uli Hoeneß

“I hope, we have a little bit lucky.” – Lothar Matthäus trying to say an English sentence

And last not least, the famous Podolski-Triplet: “I experinced in one week more than others in 7 days.” – “I say hi to my mum, my dad and especially my parents” – “Soccer is like Chess, only without the dice.”


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