Old School.

I screened a movie today at my old school: The KRG Neustadt. In Germany we spent 9 years at highschool: from age 10-19. I learned Latin, I met boys, I did politics.

Strolling the yard of your old school … it feels strange… some teachers look younger than you are… the trees grew…barriers prevent everybody from sliding down the handrails of the stairs…

It makes you aware of time passing and of things you once found the most important things in this entire universe not really being so important.

It makes you wonder, if things now are as important as you now think they are.

Those images below I find witnessing time passing very much the same as your own childhood places do. They are taken from one of my favourite sites on the Net: My Parents Were Awesome. The site collects stills of people before they became a parent. Anyone can submit.


See here: Flicka submitted by Katie, Harry submitted by Brian, Em submitted by Peter, Billie and Betty submitted by Susan, Holly and Allen submitted by Katie, Cathy submitted by Tim, Jaime and Liliana submitted by Ana, Kathy submitted by Sarah and Cynthia submitted by Sophia all from myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com.


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