Mornings, brains & Courgette Tartelettes

Does it make me a happier person to know I am linked now to 610,812+ professionals? Oh and: my profile has been viewed by 8 people in the past 90 days…wait a second…hm…that makes: roughly a bit more than one out of 100.000 professionals interested in whatever they find on those professional networking platforms such as linkedin and xing about Sanne Kurz. Probably a bit less than one in 100.000 if you do not count the mislead clicks and the kids playing around when people went out leaving their computer on. – A while back I invited in an attempt to send Christmas wishes by accident all my email contacts including teachers of my kids and ex-landlords to join my networks…those were for sure my last social network Chrissie wishes…I promise!!

The little German flag above the linkedin window is sitting there coz of all the äöüß on my German Site.

I spend roughly 3 hours every morning doing office stuff. Such as answering mails and clicking yes, yes, yes on social networking platforms. When I am not shooting that is. I wonder if it is of any use. Office stuff. All this time spent.

I spend roughly 3 hours every day preparing food, cooking, cleaning up after meals. This for sure is of heavenly use.  – You can see the difference when you lift your head, eyes, ears and nose in the morning and look at things. Lucky eyes, ears and nose are attached to the same thing and we only have to lift once to make much more use instantly of several senses…sensational…I like.

Was it a cat I saw?

Maybe I should swap jobs and start work as a cook? What would you rather buy: The image of the Mini-Quiches above or the Mini-Tartelettes themselves?

Oh, I’ll place a poll here…I never did…will be fun! Vote!


One thought on “Mornings, brains & Courgette Tartelettes

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