Sans Soleil by Chris Marker.

The Filmmuseum Munich has a program on essay-film: documentary films made from a collection of thoughts, images and scenes, music, text and sounds, composed almost like in a very well written diary with rich visual textures.

Today, I saw Sans Soleil by Chris Marker. First time I saw this film on print. Interesting, how little me, the cinematographer Sanne, found the fact to matter, that I did watch a print.

I even felt:

Maybe we worry too much about formats?

And maybe we worry not enough about what actually we look at and where from?

– Don’t tell my colleagues I thought that… ☠ ☺

Surprising as well – and much more interesting –  I found the fact, that the German voice over is done by a man. Here I got for you the English and French version. It has a womans voice.


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