Directors Dedication.

Media people do not only wanna be rich and famous. Two documentary film makers. Two close friends of mine. Two projects to help.

Sabine Höroldt lost a friend from Burundi. She was just a teenager and could have been saved with very basic medical help. ON Friday, 24th of September Sabine organized a Burundi Benefit Gala Performance evening. Caroline Link will welcome guests as patron of the event. All donations go in to setting up mobile medic stations, to help the poorest in the most remote areas access medical aid. “Why I am doing this? – Coz I am regularly in Burundi for the last seven years and I saw what it means, to have one doctor for over 20.000 people.”

Masood Haque from the US had just finished his research when it started raining. And there was no end to it. Being a ER doctor by trade, he decided to donate more than just time and money and started a site to bundle information and mobilize help.

Imagine you live in Munich and there is a flood. You got no boat, shelter.

“This website is devoted to helping the victims of 2010 Pakistan floods.  Our main goal is to raise awareness of this unfolding disaster. This web portal provides information about the ways to donate, links to news, articles, images and video.” – A great source stuffed with good things to spread the word and rise awareness of how big the problems in Pakistan will be. From podcast to side-show, get inspired and find here all you need to help yourself.


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